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Division and discord can be found all over the place, so here are some videos that focus on reconciliation. May God's Word on reconciliation and unity be a blessing to you!
 You can find all of Pastor Wiist's studies on Reconciliation here.


Theological Leftovers

 Have you ever found yourself on a "rabbit trail" maybe even down the "rabbit's hole" as you were listening to a sermon? Perhaps the preacher shared a verse or offered an anecdote that captured your thoughts. Maybe you didn't even make it past the wonderful words of a sermon hymn. 

Don't feel bad. The same thing happens to me while I'm preaching and even while I'm preparing my sermons. There are so many theological wonders to explore and never enough least not in one sitting. 

Welcome to Theological leftovers where we "chew" on some of those things that didn't make it into the sermon.

You can find all the Theological Leftovers  Here

Hymn Study, From God can Nothing Move Me

With hymn #713 in the Lutheran Service Book we continue to explore how the hymns of the church can aid our families in times of both trouble and celebration. This particular hymn addresses those times when things do not go the way that we had hoped and planned.

A Hymn for Consolation

If you would like a free guide to help introduce hymns into your family's life together contact the office.


Hymns for the Family

Have you ever been in a moment where you wanted  something profound and helpful to say and felt at a loss for the right words? Did you know that there is a hymn for nearly every occasion in the Christian family's life? Let me show you!